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Sudut kota Stuttgart , Jerman

Mention Stuttgart and you think of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Bosh, Leitz or Trumpf, but also of the culinary delight such as Swabian noodles (typical pasta dish) giant rivioli (called maultaschen) and pretzels as well as the very tasty Trollinger, Riesling and Schiller wines.

For those who come to this exciting city, they will discover even more facets of this pulsating, enjoyable metropolis: its breathtaking geographic location between gently undulating hills, forest and vineyards, the unmistakable ambience in the Palace Square, one of the most picturesque in Europe, more than 500 romantic flights of steps, the enchanting old town with its cosy wine bars to the ultra modern state capital of Baden-Wurttemberg with its innovative and thriving economy.

foto disekitar Schloplatz dan Konigsbau, merupakan pusat kota dari Stuttgart


Staatstheater - Grosses Haus (kiri)

Rathaus (kanan)

Hauptbahnhof - stasiun kereta api dibawahnya ada dua lapis ka bawah tanah untuk melayani ka dalam kota jarak sedang dan dekat

Gottlieb-Daimler Stadion (kiri) , kota ini dikenal penggemar sepakbola lho

Altes Schlos (kanan)

Neuen Schlos (kiri)

Neue Staatsgalerie (kanan)

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